The Fred Sai Institute (FSI)

The FSI is an initiative of the IPPF Africa Region, established in Sai’s honour as a “pioneer public health research institute, championing research on population and sexual reproductive health to generate evidence on effective health strategies aimed at improving the health of the population in sub-Saharan Africa.”

The FSI will endeavour to bridge this gap through supporting research, modelling and replication of innovative service delivery programs.  The research conducted will generate evidence for sound program design and implementation in the 42 African countries that IPPF Africa Region works in.

The Institute will provide small grants for post graduate research to young women and men.  It will also hold a biennial program science lecture series between academia, NGOs and government to disseminate the findings.

Supporting the FSI


Join our giving circle with a monthly/quarterly/annual investment of:

  • Platinum medallion (above US$50,000)
  • Gold medallion (above US$20,001)
  • Silver medallion (above US$10,001)
  • Bronze medallion (US$1 to 10000)


For more information on how to invest in the Fred Sai Institute please contact:

Re-Launch of the FSI & Dissemination Forum

The FSI was first launched in 2014 in Nariobi, Kenya. The Institute will be re-launched in Accra on 30th July, 2018 and this will be followed by a two day dissemination forum which will see the first set of 5 postgraduate students who have received funding support from the FSI to conduct research in the SRHR, share their findings.

Vision of the FSI

The Institute will:


Engage with universities and their public health schools;


Determine the research questions to be undertaken;


Initiate a competitive selection process of students.


Award students a stipend for the research;


Present research findings at the annual IPPF Africa Region Dissemination Forum.


Present research findings at the biennial program science lecture series.


Publish research findings in leading reproductive health journals.

Our Mission

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